The kitchen philosophy of Finca El Morisco

The kitchen philosophy of Finca El Morisco

We provide a key to happiness by using the correct thinking and proper eating. Those who are happy can think better, become more active, feel more comfortable, and are healthier.

A balanced diet, adapted to the needs of the individual,  and consisting of lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and vegetarian foods, protects people from many attacks on our well-being.

Our vegetarian / vegan food supports the awakening of body, mind and soul. Proper nutrition is an important building block for enhancing a state of well-being. Of course, this also includes the elimination of all types of addictive substances.

The well-being of our guests is our highest concern and our kitchen team like to support this with the way we work, which products we use, and how we present the dishes.

The kitchen team at Finca El Morisco prepares delicious vegetarian and vegan food. We mainly use natural seasonal food, organically grown, to produce our dishes.
Some “spreads” are homemade.

With us you will have the opportunity to try out this form of nutrition during your stay here at FINCA and the possibility to re-think established eating habits. It may be unusual for you at first – but your body will thank you with a feeling of new well-being.

However, if special dietary products are required for diets, we ask you to bring them with you.

Bon Appetite!